Are you looking to increase your strength or break through a plateau?
Jim Wendler's 5/3/1 system is the workout routine for you! 
I hit a point in my workout routine where I not only wanted to increase my strength but I realized that I hit another plateau. So I set a goal. I wanted to have enough strength to dead lift 315 lbs. At this point my max weight for deadlifts was 225lbs but I knew in order to achieve this goal I'd have to build up the adequate amount of strength. 
Now I needed a strategy! My husband Darius suggested that I reach out to a friend of his (Beau Selvaka) who is a successful body builder. He felt that he would have the key to help me achieve this goal.
When I reached out to Beau, he was more than willing to help. I shared with him what my goal was and he recommended Jim Wendlers 5/3/1 strength program.  below are a couple of links explaining what this workout entails. 

5/3/1 Strength Program

5/3/1 Strength Program

This workout was exactly what I needed! Although I didn't attempt to deadlift 315 lbs I was able to increase my strength and shatter the plateau that I hit. 

On the "Workouts" page of my website, I've posted the exact workout given to me from Beau. I suggest heading over there to check it out. It just might be the workout that you need that will shatter your plateau!

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